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Supervisor of the Year 2006 - Mike Hannaford

A big shout out to Mike Hannaford for receiving 15 nominations for the Supervisor of the Year Award! Mike was also the recipient of this prestigious award in 2005. Some of the highlights of his numerous nominations include “contributions to the success of the Scientific Advisory Board Review, personal commitment, support, eagerness to help, devotion and attention to detail, providing outstanding customer and technical service, dedication, and working long hours to achieve exceptional outcomes”. Wow, impressive Mike! At this rate, I will need a new file cabinet to house your nominations!!!!!!!


Congratulations to Devoe “Pete” Donaldson, winner of the July Award. Pete received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Air Force Research Laboratory for “going above and beyond with the site deployment of the Livelink Records. In addition to his regular duties, he oversaw training, followed-up site activation status, and provided expert assistance”. Way to go Devoe (Pete)!!!!


We actually had a tie for our June Award! Karl Herman and Roger Hill received nominations for "all their hard work and dedication during the May closing for the LANS transition. They put in many stressful hours above 40 per week and were at the beck and call of KSL accounting office. Accounting would not have been able to perform this closing without their services". Congratulations and keep up the good work!


Cori has been working as an Assistant Systems Administrator with our IT department in Los Alamos, NM since May, 2005. Cori's positive attitude and proactive approach on the job have inspired her team members to acknowledge her excellence in the work place. She received numerous nominations due to her excellent customer service skills, vast knowledge, willingness to help others, and for consistently excelling in her duties.
Hats off to you Cori and keep up the great work!


Supervisor of the Year 2006 - Mike Hannaford

July 2006 - Devoe "Pete" Donaldson

June 2006 - Karl Herman & Roger Hill

May 2006 - Cori Griffith

April 2006 - Lloyd Trujillo

March 2006 - Kenneth Mcffaden

February 2006 - Erick Zarza

January 2006 - Rita Ortega

December 2005 - Magan Casale

November 2005 - Kevin Vigil

October 2005 - Billie Gross

September 2005 - Kimberly Opland

August 2005 - Lloyd Trujillo


July 2005 - Karl Herman

July 2005 - Sandra Lavigne

June 2005 - Jon Mckinley

May 2005 - Chris Howze

April 2005 - Adriana Aragon

March 2005 - Devoe "Pete" Donaldson

February 2005 - Ramona Hoover

January 2005 - Kristen Wudarzewski

December 2004 - Stephen Perez

November 2004 - Larry Coleman

October 2004 - Sandra Fernandez

September 2004 - Tom Raia

August 2004 - Nathan Wallens


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